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top 5 best online piano lessons 2021

Updated: Feb 21

Learning piano these days doesn't require you going to a piano teacher and paying a bunch of hundred dollars a month.

The world changes fast, just like the education industry.

Nowadays you can learn piano at home on your device/computer. You definitely don't need to pay as much as going to a piano teacher.

Further down we've covered the top 5 best online piano lessons of 2021.

We hope you find the information useful and take the step into your piano learning journey.

Let's have a look at the 5 online piano lessons.


flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

Flowkey is one of the most popular, if not the most popular piano learning software on the market right now.

Over 4 million people have decided to give flowkey a try, many of those have become fluent in playing the piano.

Flowkey will surely help you develop basic knowledge into reel piano skills. As long as you let them help you throughout the journey.

There are 3 different subscription plans which the first one starts at 1 month for 19.99 dollars, 12 months for 9.99 dollars and a lifetime subscription for 329.99.

Of course there will be no problems to start flowkey for free. But that will also limit you in the long term. That’s probably why the cheapest option is the most popular.

However, flowkey provides lessons in 4 levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro. In these levels you can find more than 1500 songs to learn how to play.

The flowkey library is quite impressive and will surely not make you disappointed. They also have a wide range of categories to pick songs from. If you’re interested in classical music, pop music, jazz. Then flowkey might suit your needs, just to name a few.

I personally think it kinda impressive with the categories. They not only provide the ‘’normal’’ categories, but also categories like game music, which might get people who like to play video games choose flowkey.

The lessons will cover how to play chords, read music, scales, improvisation and accompaniment. With sheet music at the bottom and the keyboard at the top of the screen demonstrating how to play the song.

Worth mentioning, flowkey gives instant feedback on the rhythm and the notes you play, they do not track your whole process.

Flowkey can be used on many different devices, Most often people use the flowkey app which is very popular. The app is available on your phone and iPad, but on the computer you will have to use the browser. It won’t confuse you because it’s looking similar on all devices.

Flowkey is for the most part geared towards beginners. But, it can still satisfy intermediate players. Either kids or adults can benefit using flowkey, though younger childrens might need help from guardians to use the program.

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Playground session lobby picture

As the world changes, new opportunities are added. Just like this piano learning program. You can change out your physical piano teacher to learn piano by using playground session Instead of going somewhere to learn piano.

Playground session is a platform where people seek to, when they are willing to expand their piano skills.

They either come as a beginner that never even once has touched a piano, or as an experienced piano player. Either way both will surely develop new skills within their piano playing.

There are a few ways you can use this piano program. You can download the program on your computer (windows or Mac) or you can download the Playground session app on your iPad or mobile device. Same program on all devices so no confusions that the program does not provide the same value on other devices.

Playground session provides three subscription plans. Monthly, annual and lifetime. Monthly is about 17.99 dollars, annual cost 9.99 month and lifetime subscription cost 289.99 dollars.

The latest but also the most expensive provides the best value, according to playground session.

Playground session similar to flowkey also has a large library with songs. The songs can be found in three levels, rookie, intermediate and advanced.

Tho, the annual and monthly subscription only allows 5 songs each month to be played. The lifetime subscription allows up to 40 songs each month.

If you feel that isn't enough, then you can pay 1.99 dollars for other songs you also want to learn.

Playground session use something called instant feedback mode, which will give you feedback instantly when you play the notes. The notes will either turn green if you play accurately or red if you play them wrong.

Unlike flowkey, playground session track your progress. In the ‘’my playground’’ section you can find all progress you’ve made through the journey. You’ll find time spent practicing, all lessons completed, and points, stars, and badges.

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Pianoforall banner picture

Piano For All is an online piano lesson program that teaches you to learn how to play piano with chords.

They’re using the ’’chords method'' and not the classical way with music sheets.

Over a quarter million students have bought this course.

That's a sign that this course is not a scam, you can clearly learn piano with piano for all.

As Robin Hall says ''Learn how to play piano by playing by ear''.

It might take some time to learn to play by ear, but if you're persistent, you'll achieve the maximum of your piano learning. Remember, Consistency is the key.

Shortly, section 1-4 will teach you how to lay a strong foundation, which will be important if you want to learn the most out of section 5-9. Because, in the later sections they will teach you to develop the skills from section 1-4.

There are a total of 9 e-books covering 500 embedded audios and 200 video lessons. Everything demonstrated by founder Robin Hall himself.

Covering genres like jazz, blues, pop, classical and more.

As a beginner this course can be very educational if you take action on what they teach you. Not only beginners will benefit from this course, but also the already playing pianist. They cover so much useful information any kind of player can benefit from.

If your interest is in playing or learning to play classical music, then pianoforall might not be for you. Their mainly focus is to teach piano with chords with genres like jazz, blues and pop. Though they do cover a little bit of classical music, if that's your goal I'll recommend another course.

Pianoforall can be bought in two ways. 39 dollars for instant download or 49 dollars for instant download plus DVD roam. Either way you decide to go, both are one time payment and you’ll get lifetime updates.

Also 60 days 100 percent money back guarantee.

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Skoove cover image

Skoove have included a very useful feature on their program. If you only have access to an acoustic piano to learn piano. Then there will be as easy as if you had a digital piano.

The only thing you need is a microphone on your device so it can catch up what you play and correct after that.

If you play on a digital piano, you can also use the microphone, but also the Midi cable to connect it to your device.

With that said, playground session and skoove have some things in common. Both programs use the ‘’instant feedback’’ function. A very useful function many online piano lesson programs use to help their students.

They teach how to sharpen your ear and sight reading with help of the ‘’listen, learn and play method’’. Very common method and very useful to develop piano skills.

At the beginning of a lesson, you’ll start with first listening to what you’ll learn. Beside that you'll see the hands move and sheet music at the top.

What I mean with hands is that they will demonstrate the whole piece with their hands. With sheet music at the top of the screen if that is interesting.

They will also show what note is being played, the keyboard on the screen will show that.

Later on they’ll demonstrate which notes each hand is going to play, therefore they give you real time feedback if the notes are played correctly. It doesn’t show feedback for the rhythm at this time, only focus is on the notes.

Next step is to play the two hands together correctly to the rhythm. It is also sometimes allowed to play along with a band, just to make it a bit funnier.

Skoove can be registered as free, and also be used as free but that will limit you alot. Therefore skoove has three subscription options. 1, 3 or 12 months and 12 months is their most popular subscription plan.

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Rocket piano banner

Rocket piano is an online piano lesson program, which many people aren't familiar with. But I think they are worth getting their name on this list. Why? Well over ninety thousand people already bought this course. Not as much as the previous mentioned piano lessons. But still made themself a good reputation.

The creators of rocket piano were tired of all ‘’quality’’ piano programs out there, they saw the same boring exercise in every course. They thought something must be wrong because 97 percent of all piano students discover it harder to play piano than what they expected.

And here’s where rocket piano comes in the picture.

They want you to understand that practicing is the key, but practice smarter instead of harder, that's what will take you to the next level.

They’ll start from scratch and begin with the basics. Showing the importance of learning proper technique as a beginner, so you later on can use the basics to build on your foundation.

Also teaches how to improvise. You learn about melody, harmony, chords, arpeggios, scales, and how to play chord progressions in any key.

When you have the ability to improvise, then you’ll know that you’re good at playing piano

Rocket piano covers much about reading music. If that’s your goal, rocket piano might be for you. They’ll teach you how to read music from chord symbols and how to outsmart everyone with your technique and skills.

They’ll provide three main books. Beginner book, intermediate book and advanced book. After that you can take a look at the rocket piano Jazz book, The Rocket Piano Gospel, Spiritual & Hymns Book & Jam tracks and Quizzes.

In these books you will find 133 sound files, 57 video lessons and some funny learning games.

This course is geared towards beginners who wanna learn piano. Like any other course. But I still think intermediate players also could benefit from Rocket piano. They do cover some interesting facts in the intermediate course I think many pianists can benefit from.

You have the option to try rocket piano for 60 days, if not satisfied you’ll get a full refund. Price is at 39.95 dollars and is a one time payment.

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