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Top 5 88 key digital piano

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Are you looking for to buy a new digital piano? And you are probably looking for an 88 key digital piano? Then I would recommend you to just keep reading, because I will show you the top 5 88 keys digital pianos!

How to choose the best digital piano.

It clearly depends on which degree you play at, Let's say you are a beginner. Then you maybe first want to consider buying a 61 key keyboard LINK. I would say always go with 88 keys if you are going to play piano in the long term, Because sometime, after some months of practice you are probably going to then want to buy an 88 key digital piano. Then I would say buy a 88 key piano from the start.

One thing to have in mind when picking a digital piano should be to choose the right key sensitive. For a young learner it is very important to get the right feedback from the keys when playing. A key with right sensitivity and right resistance is going to be a key factor when you start play piano. 

A digital piano that comes with many different features could be very useful for a beginner, Many different sounds to play with and much more. Sometimes also it can include a package where you get access to a piano learning program which can help you out in the beginning very much. But, For a professional piano player all these different features on the board could be all useless, maybe annoying. Or not. So you can use these as a starting point.

1. Alesis Recital Pro

Alesis one of the most famous piano manufacturing on the market. Alesis recital pro, One of the most beginner friendly Digital pianos. Let's take a look why it's worth 379 $.

This is a ultimate beginner friendly digital piano with it's 12 expertly built in voices and with professional educational programs. Not only that, With 88 premium full-sized hammer action keys with adjustable touch response to suit you performance the best. You probably going to get a very comfortable authentic piano feeling. Actually this one also have a 3-month premium subscription on skoove (piano learning program).

You can choose to play the piano with mains. Or play it with battery. Which now makes it portable, So you can play it when you want and wherever you want. High ratings and hundreds of reviews. We know this one is reliable.


- many connectivity options

-Comes with a lesson mode feature

- Have a small screen, so you can see various settings.

- Good ability to customize reverb, harmony, chorus

And equalizer

- Affordable

- Easy to use


- No sustain pedalincluded

- No modulation or pitch bend wheel, Which limits it's usefulness.

2. Yamaha P71

yamaha, probably the worlds most trusted piano maker and probably one of the most reconizable manufactors within many other categories. No doubt that they make quality pianos. Not only the sound which is extraordinary. Also, the shell on their pianos is very convincing.

This Yamaha P71 for $479 is a bit more expensive then the others on the list. But I will show you why it's still worth it.

This amazon exclusive model includes a poweradapt and sustain pedal. This could beveryuseful things that comes along. At least the sustain pedal. Except that you will have access to it's 88 fully weighted piano keys that will simulate the feeling of a Yamaha acoustic piano and provide quality playing experience. It contains digitally sampled tones from a real Yamaha acoustic piano with 10 different voices.

I also want to talk about the design on this Yamaha digital piano. We can see that it is a veryclean board. Not that many different buttons. In fact, You control most things from one and the same button. I think that it makes it look kinda professional and cool but maybe harder to use for a beginner.


- Has a natural grand piano sound

- Easy to use

- Affordable

- Fully weighted keys

- Lightweigth

- Realistic instrument sound


- Headphone jack on the back

- Built in recorder not included

3. Rockjam 88-key

Rockjamis a leading piano brand within beginner friendly digital pianos. Everything from 49-88 keys. So basically if you looked around for a beginner digital piano, You surely come across rockjam. This one is actually kindacheap for all these many different features. We'll take a look at it.

88 semi weighted velocity sensitive keys also adjustable for your own performance. With 2 built in 24-watt speakers. Feature an interactive learning lesson to streamline your learning process. Come with 8 external connections to make it easy as possible to connect your device with USB, Midi, Microphone and Auxconnections. They couldn'tmake it easier for a beginner to startplaying the piano.

Keynote stickers, Sheet music stand and power supply are only 3things they have included to make the most out of this piano. With thousands of reviews and top ratings, I would say that this piano is going to perfectly match the beginner type.


- Very affordable

- Lightweight

- Many different beginner features

- Recording and playback options

- Multifunctional use

- LED light up display


- Mostly for beginners

4. M Audio Hammer 88

M audio, A very recognizable brand for the musicians and music producers i would say.Maudio has developed the Maudio hammer 88 digital piano for the music producers to beginners just starting out to play piano.

This piano keyboard is more likely to use with your digital audio workstation. You can connect it with the midi output. And you also get access to some DAW programs when buying this. For example Abletonlive lite which is a very good music producers program. But if you don't want to produce music, you can still play with this. But you will have to connect it to your device.Youalso get a 3-month subscription to skoove(piano learning program) which can helpyou out in the beginning.

With 88 hammer action velocity sensitive keys you will surely get a natural piano feeling. Maybe this piano keyboard is more to the person that plays on the computer with some DAW.


- Pitch bend and modulation wheel to the left on the piano

- Affordable price

- MIDI function


- Not sensitive to after touch

5. Roland GO

Roland GO piano with its compact and portablesize you can litteraly play anywhere. With it's 88 full sized keys you will not be disappointed.

Roland has partner up as many as the other piano manufacturing with the piano learning skoove.Whichwillgive you 3 month subscriptions free on their piano learning program. Compact and lightweight so you can bring it anywhere. With built in speakers, headphone jack and battery operation. This oneis the ultimate portable digital piano.

The design looks very clean to me. I am getting a very expensive impression when looking on this one. Either tho it isn't that expesive, Goas for only 399 $. Anyway I really like the design. It looks kinda professional which is cool.

Includes sustain pedal, power adapter and music rest. And you can use the MIDI connection to integrate with your smartphone or tablet.


- High quality bluethoot speakers.

- Affordable

- Easy to connect a device to

- 88 full sized keys

- includes skoove 3 months


- Not weighted keys

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