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Skoove review: The easiest way to learn piano?


Skoove was founded back in Germany 2014. Over the past 6-7 years 1 million people have tried Skoove. Many of those people today can play piano very well.

However, Skoove is an online learning program for aspiring pianists. It is supposed to provide you with interactive lessons featured with tutorials in different levels to suit everyone.

Skoove can be used on PC, Mac, iOS. Either as the app or in the browser. Use either the microphone as mentioned earlier or connect via Midi or USB cable.

Let’s dive into this Skoove review and see if it’s worth your time.


Skoove, unlike many other piano learning programs you must have a digital piano to use the program. But if you don't have a digital piano, but you do have an acoustic piano. No worries, Skoove can also be used with an acoustic piano, just make sure the microphone is on at your tablet/device.

Therefore Skoove can hear what you play and corect you after that.

With that said, this program is somewhat similar to playground session, both programs give instant feedback on how you play the rhythm and notes.

They sharpen your ear and sight reading with help of the ‘’listen, learn and play method’’. Very common method and very useful to develop piano skills.

When you start a lesson, you’ll first listen to what you will be learning. Alongside watching the sheet music and the hands move.

What I mean with hands is that they will demonstrate the whole piece with their hands. With sheet music at the top of the screen if that is interesting.

They will also show what note is being played, the keyboard on the screen will show that.

Later on they’ll demonstrate which notes each hand is going to play, therefore they give you real time feedback if the notes are played correctly. It doesn’t show feedback for the rhythm at this time, only focus is on the notes.

Next step is to play the two hands together correctly to the rhythm. It is also sometimes allowed to play along with a band, just to make it a bit funnier.


Skoove can be bought in 3 options. 1, 3 or 12 months. 12 months will be the cheapest over time and is also their most popular subscription plan.

Worth mentioning is that skoove can be registered as free, and therefore you can use some of the courses provided totally free.

But that is just a few ones and won't take you to high levels within your piano journey. But it’s always good to have a free option which also helps you decide if it’s worth your money.


Skoove has a total of 21 courses and over 300 songs.


In the first section you’ll learn how to play rhythm, notation and right posture when playing. Circulating around 5 notes and giving a brief intro into the program to make you comfortable.

In the other section they’ll go through how to play right and left hand simultaneously and introduce you to more notes.

Last section will teach you intervals which you’re supposed to use when playing with both hands.


This course is actually not essential, but I still highly recommend you go through this course. It is similar to piano beginner 1 but goes more deeply into the notes and rhythm learning. Can be used as a completing course alongside piano beginner 1.


Finally the first course focuses on learning to play songs. However, 89 different songs available for you to learn, one of them are the famous ‘’my heart will go on’’


This course has 3 sections, which the first one will make a short introduction to key signatures and chords. They explain the connection between them, you could say.

Piano intermediate 2 will teach you time signatures, dynamic playing and more chords. You can learn songs like Game of thrones and clocks in this section.

Lastly you will learn how to play billy joel’s ‘’piano man’’ and Amy winehouse’s ‘’back to black. Thanks to the major and minor scales provided in this course.


Comes with a huge collection of 73 songs at an intermediate level. When you arrive at this section, you have come a bit into your piano journey, therefore you should be able to play many of these songs provided.

Famous songs like ‘’hit the road jack’’ and ‘’Fur elise’’ are provided in this section.


Many courses miss the dynamic expression, but this course goes into how you can add your own dynamic expression. Which we should appreciate.

It will teach fundamental classical repertoire like pieces from Beethoven and Enaudi.


This section will teach students how to play pop songs. Thanks to focusing on chords, improvisation and inversions.


Unlike the other ‘’piano songs courses’’ this course only has 19 songs. The other ones were close to 100 songs. Anyways, includes famous hits by Adele and John legend.


This will be the introduction to boogie woogie and blues for the beginner pianists. This section will teach you blues scales, patterns, chord progressions, and dominant seventh chords.

It also provides lessons that teach virtuoso blues licks. If you like blues, then this section is for you.


In this section you’ll learn how to create triads, seventh chords, chord riffs and how you can be creative with scales. Later on you’re supposed to play the chords of the most popular songs and improvise along with the band.


You’re lucky if you found a course like this in another piano program, because I haven't, it's not usual in normal piano learning programs.

This section helps you to develop some music production skills and is geared towards those interested in making music, if not, then you’re free to skip this course.

It provides a total of 19 lessons, which will teach you harmony, arrangement, playing the keys. Learn dance tracks from Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Eminem, and many more.


There are 4 other courses who mainly focus on how to play Beatles, Queen, Christmas songs and a soundtrack course.

But that’s not all. There are 2 more courses called ‘’Florian christl’’ & ‘’Remme’’. Florian christl is a composer who got his name into the skoove program. In his course there are five lessons about his song called ‘’fly’’.

Same with Remme, he is also a composer who was allowed to get his song ‘’get older’’ in five lessons in Skoove.



- If you have an acoustic piano to learn piano on. Then you can use Skoove as much if you had a digital piano. As long as you have a microphone on your device there will be no problems learning piano on an acoustic piano. Many piano programs do not have this feature.

- No problem using Skoove if you don’t understand english, Skoove is available in six different languages.

- I'm sure we all can agree that Skoove comes at a reasonable price. Minimum is 9.99 dollars a month, which is probably a lot cheaper than going to a piano teacher once a week, depending where you live.

- Allows you to play along to the band while practicing. This will give you a better rhythm sense when you must play correctly to someone else.

- The program/app is easy to navigate. Everything is very easy to find and in the lesson mode, sheet music and keyboard demonstration is very well structured.

- Comes with a keyboard for producers which is geared towards those who want to gain knowledge in the music making world. there is rarely we see a course like this in a piano learning program


- There is no option to adjust the lessons to suit your personal practicing. The tempo can’t be changed and there are no metronomes built in.

- They only teach the chords & scales in songs, not how to use your dexterity for exercising.


This program is geared towards 12 year olds and up. Younger kids can still use Skoove but it can require a guardian to help. The older you are, the more you can benefit from Skoove.

As mentioned earlier, if your interest is in making music. Then the Keyboard for producers course could be for you.

If your big interest is in playing blues and jazz, then this might not be for you, they don’t cover much of that so I recommend taking a look at Pianoforall.

But as a whole, Skoove will teach how to play piano in a proper way, no doubts. They might lack some important things like metronome or no ability to slow down tempo. But, I would recommend this course for the 12 years old and up who wanna learn piano.

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