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Rocket piano review: Start practicing smarter and not harder.

Updated: Feb 21

Many people have certain goals with their piano learning, many people strive to become a better player or just learn reading music.

But there is something every pianist has in common.

We all want the ability to sit down and be able to play any kind of song, but sometimes it takes hard work to achieve that.

But, what if I told you there is a way to achieve your piano goals increasingly fast?

Luckily there is. Rocket piano is a piano learning program, which helped over ninety thousand students to develop their piano skills. 

Rocket piano says, In 10 minutes we can teach you more than some people spending hours a day at. Practice smarter and not harder.

Anyways, in this Rocket piano review we’ve covered all the important facts you’ll need to know about considering buying this course, let’s dive into the review.

What is rocket piano?

Rocket piano is a piano learning program, which is supposed to help you take your piano skills to the next level.

The creators of rocket piano were tired of all ‘’quality’’ piano programs out there, they saw the same boring exercise in every course. They thought something must be wrong because 97 percent of all piano students discover it harder to play piano than what they expected.

And here’s where rocket piano comes in the picture.

They want you to understand that practicing is the key, but practice smarter instead of harder, that's what will take you to the next level.

They’ll start from scratch and begin with the basics. Showing the importance of learning proper technique as a beginner, so you later on can use the basics to build on your foundation.

Also teaches how to improvise. You learn about melody, harmony, chords, arpeggios, scales, and how to play chord progressions in any key.

When you have the ability to improvise, you’ll know that you’re on the right path within your learning.

If reading music is your goal, then you can probably benefit a lot from Rocket piano. They’ll teach you how to read music from chord symbols and how to outsmart everyone else with your technique and skills. 

What you’ll learn with rocket piano.

With the rocket piano course you’ll be taught how to play piano from a beginner basis to develop yourself to an advanced player.

It might seem hard, but it won't necessarily be that.

They made the course in a fun way so you don’t get bored out. It’s easy to give up when it’s hard and sometimes boring.

But luckily they put together the course with theory and practical knowledge so you don’t be bored out.

As I mentioned earlier, many pianists dream is to sit down and play any kind of song.

To do that you’ll need a good piano course that helps you to develop the most out of your playing.

Rocket piano is a great course for that, they’ll teach you valuable skills you can benefit from for the rest of your life. Any kind of skill you’ll need to know about to be able to play your favorite song. All knowledge will be provided in the rocket piano course.

They will also be talking about the history of the piano, they think that too many piano players only learn the practical playing and nothing about the piano itself.

Tho of course practical playing is more important, but it could also be a bit funnier to learn piano if you understand the history behind it.

The curriculum

Rocket piano will provide three main books called the beginner book, intermediate book and advanced book. With high quality information in 133 sound files, 57 video lessons and some funny learning games.

They also provide some other books covering jazz and gospel.

But we’ll start with the beginner book.


The beginner book will help you build a good piano foundation, they’ll start off easy and talk about the history of piano, and you’ll get an overview of the piano keys to understand which key does this and that.

After that you’re supposed to get a sense on how to use your hands on the piano, playing some scales etc.

Also covering the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm. Three basic knowledge you’ll benefit a lot from, if you understand them.

This course is mostly directed to the beginner that never even played once, but could also be good as a refreshing course for someone who has played earlier in their life.


Book two is the intermediate course which is supposed to help you to a new level in your playing.

You’ll learn to read a piece of music with the help of key and time signatures.

They’ll also go through more complex rhythms and chords so you can learn to play jazz and gospel etc.

You can clearly benefit a lot from this section, not only as a beginner but also as an intermediate. This book goes deeply into your practical knowledge, so you can take on the advanced course without any doubts.


This book is a big step in your piano journey. They cover the important techniques to develop as a professional musician.

They will make you comfortable with songwriting, improvising, transposing and sight reading and also talk about the importance to understand the relation between chords and key signatures.

This book covers many years of experienced knowledge, make sure you take advantage of this book, if so, you can really become an authentic musician.


After the 3 main books, there are actually some other helpful books included. Two more books and one tips and tricks section. Let’s check it out.

The rocket piano Jazz book

As the headline says, this book will go a step further into learning to play Jazz. Everything you possibly need to know about Jazz. From how Jazz was invented/history behind Jazz.

Jazz rhythms, chords, movements and how to play them in different arrangements.

If you’re specifically interested in Jazz, then this course could be for you!

The Rocket Piano Gospel, Spiritual & Hymns Book

If you’re playing at the church, this book could help out.

This book mainly focuses on Gospel, the pentatonic scale and the blues scale. But also cover how spiritual music began.

Jam tracks and Quizzes

They made 26 Rocket Piano Jam Tracks With or without performance.

You can enjoy playing along with a band. Comes with a big range of backing track styles through every book. It could also be fun to practice piano in a solid rhythm section.


The founder of rocket piano is Ruth searle, she’ll also be your instructor throughout the course with her 15 years of experience.

Ruth thinks that everyone that wants to learn piano, is going to have the opportunity to learn piano somehow. That’s why she made this course, so people that want to learn piano or develop their skills can benefit from this course.

Though the team behind rocket piano has in total 30 years of experience teaching, playing or performing.



  • Comes in at an affordable price, for 39.95 dollars you’ll get access to everything mentioned above.

  • They are good at teaching tips and tricks to learn piano faster.

  • You can start with a trial version up to 60 days, and if you’re not satisfied

they’ll give you a refund.

  • They made the course in a fun way so you’ll not get bored out of the learning process.

  • They mention the importance of practicing smarter and not harder, that could take your piano learning to new heights within no time.

  • The course is available to download, that means you’ll get access to it directly.

  • Talks about the history of the piano.


  • Rocket piano might not suit small childrens.

  • Other courses might be easier to use on your phone, for instance flowkey.


This course is mostly marketed to beginners, just like any other piano learning programs. Tho I would like to say that this course could also be beneficial for intermediate players. I think they cover good and important facts in the intermediate course that every pianist could benefit from.

They also give their own opinion on other piano learning courses, which they find out lack of quality. Because of that they were determined to make a change, and eventually ended up with rocket piano.

And with that mindset I really think they succeed with their course. Over ninety thousand people already bought it.

So why don’t you take the next step in your piano journey and start to become the best of yourself, that’s exactly what ninety thousand other people decided to do after finding out about this course.

Anyways, I hope you could gain some knowledge after reading our rocket piano review. If that’s so, click the button below to come to rocket piano.


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