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Playground session review: The easiest way to learn piano?

Updated: Feb 21

What is playground session?

Playground session is a platform where people seek to when they are willing to expand their piano skills. They either come as a beginner that never even once has touched a piano, Or as an experienced piano player. Either way both will surely develop new skills within their piano playing.

There are a few ways you can use this piano program. You can download the program on your computer (windows or Mac) or you can download the Playground session app on your iPad or mobile device. Same program on all devices so no confusions that the program is not providing the same value on either devices.

As the world changes, New opportunities are added. Just like this piano learning program. You can change out your physical piano teacher to just learn piano by using Playground session. Instead of going somewhere to get the lessons, you can just use Playground session to get to a new level within piano playing.


Online piano lessons

This program will provide you with interactive lessons, Videos tutorials, Real time feedback and gamification. The feedback will actually engage with you when you play in real time. When you are playing the right key, It will show you a green light on the key. If the other way, You play the wrong key it will give you a red light.

It's ability to give you the right directions when playing is so helpful. Mostly as a beginner because it will make you enhance your skills as fast as possible. It will surely make you comfortable.

To make the most out of your playing. They have more than 500 preloaded songs that you can play when starting out. When you are done with the beginning songs you can jump to purchase additional songs that you feel to learn. And if you want to jump over the beginning songs and go directly to some more advanced songs. There will be no problems with that.

We recommend...

If you are going to learn how to play piano. You will need something to play at. Either a keyboard or digital piano. These two are the most common pianos to use when starting out to play piano. 

We will always recommend you to buy a 88 key piano. But you can also use a 61 key piano . You can, with no doubt, learn how to play piano on a 61 key piano. But if you're truly serious about your piano playing you should buy a 88 key piano. If not from the start you will have to buy it later when you become so good that the 61 key piano is no longer for you.

Actually, playground session also provides beginner keyboards. So if, You want to check them out click this. Otherwise, We have made a compilation of the top 5 best 61 key keyboards and 88 key keyboards.

What you will learn


In the rookie tour which is the first step in the learning process, It will make an introduction about the whole course. This section is mostly for the beginner. It includes 84 piano lessons that surely will help you out. With that said it also is the longest tour of the all 3.

As you understand, It is much about teaching the basics. Like rhythms, reading some notes, key signatures and when to change your hands to have them in the right place at the right time. Also, they talk about a common word when playing piano ''Playing by ear''.

They will show some practice exercises when reading notes lessons. Teach some simple piano lines that are very easy to understand. You will play songs like ''Someone like you'' ''fur Elise'' and many more.


This is the second section, and it will many times use video tutorials and interactive lessons when explaining what to do. It includes 61 lessons in the intermediate tour. A little less than the rookie tour but it will indeed be effective.

There is much learning about chords in this tour, Major and minor chords etc. They will show you different chords in different keys. Not only that but also triads. They want you to combine the chords with the triads. In the songs they will be taught about these triads and some technique exercise.

Ed Sheeran will be the main character in the intermediate tour. You will practice rhythms like swing, triplets and syncopation with his songs, Also some talking about transposition, pedaling etc.


This is the last section and also the hardest section. It only includes 21 lessons. That's a big difference if we look at the earlier steps. But the point is that now you can play all the basics so you should now be able to manage these 21 lessons.

This section will build on your knowledge of chords and inversion. ''melodies'' teaches you how to play, sing and compose your own melodies to a chord progression. Sixteenth notes and rests will help you to read, play and write the rhythmic patterns you will find in the section.

These 21 lessons are great for the songwriter, Classical musicians and for the one that looks for a musical experience.



As said before Playground session has a very big and broad song library, It contains at least 500 different songs. With being categorized to the level of difficulty on the song. So if you don't feel like starting from a basic level you don't have to. You can just jump to a more advanced song with no problems at all. You will have the ability to learn every song independently, In you own tempo.


- Christian/gospel

- Classical

- Country

- Contemporary piano

- Film/TV/Musicals

- Holiday

- Jazz

- Latin

- Pop

- R & B/Soul

- Rock

- Traditional


Interactive lessons are something that playground session uses a lot. Usually with video tutorials. Because with hours of video tutorials they have made a great job to ensure you won't miss anything out in these videos. David Sides, The instructor will teach you notation, rhythms and play by ear. It's very easy to follow David when he plays on he's keyboard. You will clearly see what keys his pushing and which not.

You have a good ability to choose how to play the lessons. They have made kinda personalized and varied a lot with all the features that they provide in the lessons. You can listen to the demos on every song whenever you want and as many times as you want. You also have features allowing you to record yourself while playing.

You can literally optimize the song for your performance, You can set the speed so you can practice at your own tempo, Choose a readable size for your sheet music so you can see it your way.


Harry Connick and David sides have made all the video lessons, Lucky enough they have succeeded to make it kinda entertaining. Unfortunately they haven't made that many video tutorials. Mostly interactive lessons which maybe can be disturbing for some folks. But they are made very well.



- Big song library

- Shows real time feedback

- Works on every operating system

- Gets a report when making progress

- Many exercises

- Much popular music

- Both for beginners and pros


- Not that many video lessons


For sure this course as a whole is made for beginners. Kids from 7 years and up will be able to understand this course. As we see that the rookie tour is completely for beginners. It kinda tells a lot.

But I think that if you are a more experienced piano player and not just a pro. And you are ready to develop new skills at the piano. You will for sure learn something new you didn't know before.


Playground Session is famous for their cooperation with the famous Quincy Jones, One of America's biggest music producers. He has helped playground session develop their piano program to make the best out of it.

We're a passionate group of musicians who believe that, with the help of technology, we can share the joy of playing music with the world. Our team is dedicated to building a product that's dynamic, easy to use, and fun. And with our innovative technology and our musical expertise, we hope to get you practicing and playing as effortlessly as possible.



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