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PIANO FOR ALL REVIEW: The easiest way to learn how to play piano?

So you are probably out and looking for a way to learn how to play piano. Then you maybe have heard about Piano for all. If not, Then I will tell you what this is about. 

What is Piano For All?

Piano for all is a online learning piano program that allows you to learn how to play piano with chords. They are using ''The chords method'' And, Not the classical way with music sheets.

Over 300 000 students already bought this course, So I am kinda sure you will learn how to play piano in a great way.

Section 1-4 teaching you to lay a strong foundation, Which will be important if you want to able to learn the most out of section 5-9. Because in the later they will teach you to build on that to a strong foundation.


Who is this course made for?

This course goes deeply in learning the piano. They cover many details you will have benefits from either as a beginner or if you already have knowledge within piano playing.

For the beginner this course will be extremly educational if you take action on what you learn. That doesn't mean that the already playing pianist wont learn anything from the course. Contrariwise, Because they cover so much information you surely will benefit something from the course.

If you are out and trying to learn classical music, Maybe this course isn't for you if your main goal is classical music. They still do cover classical music in book eight. But mainly they focus on jazz, blues, pop, etc. and how to master chord playing.

If you want to teach yourself piano. I highly recommend this

We recommend...

We recommend you using a 61 key keyboard or 88 key keyboard/digital piano.

You can clearly begin to play on a 61 key keyboard if you just want to learn some basics. But if you are serious about learning the piano, you will some day have to upgrade to 88 keys.

So maybe have in mind to start out to play with 88 keys instead of 61 keys. Or contrariwise, But I am 100 percent sure you can learn the basics on a 61 key keyboard.

What's included in this course?

They will teach you play piano by nine different E-books, That will give their own aspects on how to play piano. it's important that you read the books one by one in order because they will build on each other.

In these 9 E-books they have succeed to manage 200 videos and 500 different tunes that will in practical action teach you how to play piano.

They have covered all styles of piano. From Pop, Blues, jazz, Ballads, Improvisation and classical music. All filled with tips and tricks that you will benefit from to sound like a pro.

Allow you to play by ear and learn to read music at the same time. With option to download or to buy on CD from anywhere in the world.

Book one: Party time - Rhythm style piano

Book one will make a short introduction about the program and try to make you comfortable with it.

Teaching some easy beginner friendly chords and advocates that it is important with a foundation of chords and rhythms.

They will show you the keyboard that robin hall plays at and then begin to play some three note chords.

Book two: Blues and rock N roll

After some basic knowledge about piano playing, Book two will teach you how to play Blues and rock n roll with the knowledge they showed you in book one.

They will show a classical 12 bar blues that you later are supposed to know how to play in any key of the piano.

Book three: Chord magic

Now they will take a more in-depth look on the structure of music. They will teach you how to understand the keys, How they work together, etc. You will get help to remember the chords you are learning and how to practice them.

Book four: Advance chords made easy

Summarized, They will teach you more about playing chords and mostly about advanced chords that you will learn how to play easy.

Including a '' Magic formula '' that will go deeper into these advance chords

Book five: Ballad style

As the headline says. Using ballad style music to expand your piano knowledge. After some chapters of chord playing, Now you should use them in a ballad style. Also much playing with the left hand to get him going without any problems.

Book six: All that jazz and blues

Book six contains informative content, If you take advance of the knowledge in this section of the course it will clearly make you a better player.

Starting with taking a look on how you can make a blues sound with the blues scale.

Also teaching some important jazz keys and blues chords.

Book seven: Advanced blues

Continues teaching blues chords. This part will help you expand the blues knowledge you already have been taught. They will make a more advanced part of blues and also show how to play ''Entertainer''.

Book eight: Taiming the classics

The first book that will tell you about sheet music. They will now teach you how to play piano in the classical way. Also ''the piano for all way''. Includes some piano pieces about Chopin, Bach and Beethoven.

Book nine: Speed learning

Showing some good tips and tricks on how to speed learn. It will guarantee that you will learn more faster after this chapter if taking action about the information.


This course is much based on videos. Where Robin Hall (the founder of Piano for all) practically demonstrate how you are supposed to play. There are 200 video lessons that will take you step-by-step through the course. Each separate video lesson has in-depth verbal piano instruction.  


Not only 200 videos, also, 500 audio tunes directly imbedded in all 9 books. Which will help you to understand the tune and how it's supposed to sound.

Pros & Cons


- Before every lesson, There is a PDF section with 2-3 pages, So you can prepare before the lesson start.

- They made the material easy to understand and take benefit from.

- Teaching you to learn how to play in the way you want.

- One time payment with a affordable price.

- They help you develop your left-hand skills. (probably more then any other course)

- Much detailed learning about chords.

- Great support.


- Should be covering more details in some parts.

The mind behind Piano For All

Robin Hall is the co-founder of Piano for all. With his years of experience within piano playing he developed Piano for all. He actually started out as a cartoonist but later he decided to teach the piano. Which resulted in this course.


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