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flowkey review - Best way to learn piano online In 2021?

Updated: Feb 21

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

About flowkey

flowkey is an app that is made for people to learn how to play piano. With no doubt, flowkey really succeeded with that. They have helped over 4 million people to become a true piano player.

Some people turn out to be pros after using the flowkey app and others just with basic knowledge.

No matter what knowledge you have within piano playing, you will be able to benefit from this program/app.

flowkey can be used on many different devices, which we have covered in this flowkey review. Most often people use the flowkey app which is very popular.

The app is available on your phone and iPad, but on the computer you will have to use the browser. It will not confuse you because it is looking similar on all devices.

When you start the app for the first time, flowkey will ask you some questions to get to know you.

- Do you have any piano experience prior to using the app?

- What type of piano do you have access to?

- Do you aim to learn new songs or just music theory?

After this little Q&A you will have to choose if you want to use flowkeys free plan or if you want to go directly to the subscription plan.

Actually there aren't that many piano learning programs that provide a free account plan. Though the free plan is very limited of course but it still has some songs you can play.

flowkey is also known for its good reputation among the piano enthusiasts. Anyway, let's dive into the review.


We recommend...

We recommend you using a 61 key keyboard or 88 key keyboard/digital piano. flowkey has made it easy to play with a digital piano.

You only need a MIDI connection on your piano which you probably have.

You can clearly begin to play on a 61 key keyboard if you just want to learn some basics. But if you are serious about learning the piano, you will someday have to upgrade to 88 keys.

So maybe have in mind to start out to play with 88 keys instead of 61 keys. Or contrariwise, but I am 100 percent sure you can learn the basics on a 61 key keyboard.


flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

Free plan vs subscription plan.

In the free plan you won't have the same access as you will in the premium plan.

The free plan will give you a limited access to only eight songs. It also contains some basic courses.

In the subscription plan you will have access to the giant song library with over 1000 songs, access to all the courses provided and much more.

1 month 19.99

3 months 12.99

12 months 9.99

Lifetime 299.9

If you consider going to a piano teacher instead of the app. The piano teacher will be much more expensive than what the app offers. But, if you are considering watching free tutorials on how to play piano on youtube, It may be a bit more expensive.

If you are really serious about your piano education, I would say investing in a piano app/program to teach yourself piano, will be worth every penny.

the small amount of money you put into learning to play the piano, you will get back in knowledge that the program teaches.

Learning process

When you have decided which difficulty you want to start playing in. You will then choose a song in a giant library.

They have a very big and structured song library. With lots of songs and a search box, you will surely find a song that suits you.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced & pro.

When you have decided what song you want to learn it will look like this...

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

On the top of the screen, you will have a bird eye view on the piano that is playing the keys

you also want to play. On the other half it will show you the sheet music.

Black keys will turn blue, and the white keys will turn orange so you easily can divide on which one is which.

No doubt that they made many different features so you can learn to play piano as fast and easy as possible. For example you can choose if you just want to hear the right hand playing, or the other way. That is a very good way to divide the learning process.

You will also have the ability to slow down the song if that is requested. Either to 75 % or 50 %. 50 % could be kinda slow so I would recommend at least at 75%.

Also, there is a function called ''wait'' mode. That will wait for you to play the note. Meaning it will kinda pause the song till you play the note that is being shown. You only need a microphone to use this function.

You can also use a function called loop mode. It kinda says it self, but it's a function that allows you to select any section of the song you're learning and put that section into a loop. And play it over and over again.

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

Unfortunately flowkey have not included a metronome.

That is a big loss I think because a metronome is very helpful when you are learning to play at the right tempo.

But you can of course use a metronome on the side of flowkey.

If you don't want to only be using sheet music notes to learn how to play piano. That will be no problem.

They teach you in a clear and easy way without sheet music notes on how to play piano. With that said, they will teach you proper piano technique in an early stage either if you're learning sheet music notes or only how to play chords.

That's a very important aspect, and I am really happy they allow you to teach yourself piano in that way.


If you want to become a proper piano player, you then need to learn some basic music theory. It's very important to understand the basics, if you do that, you will benefit from it later in your piano learning process.

That's the big reason why they made these 8 courses for you.

When you have bought flowkey, you will have access to eight different course sections with different learning parts inside those courses.

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

- Introduction to piano

- Playing with both hands

- intermediate piano playing

- mastering chords

- improvising with chords

- music reading training

- playing scales

- playing scales II

They've made it so as a beginner, you're for sure going to be comfortable with the piano in no time. They will make a clear and easy introduction for you in the ''introduction to piano'' course.

Later that on, they will take you step by step to start playing with both hands without any problems. In the beginning, it sometimes can be hard to play both hands together at the same time. They've fixed that issue for you with this course.

And then they cover how to master chords, improvising with chords, music reading and playing scales. As you see the list goes on.


In the flowkey music library you will probably find the song you want to play. If you want help to find a song, you can browse after new releases and most popular songs.

flowkey actually has 1500 songs in their library. That's a very big amount of different songs, and will for sure not tire you out with the same songs over and over again.

I think this really keeps many students motivated to keep playing with flowkey, because they can choose between so many different songs.

But if that's not enough, you can then browse after the music category. They have a wide category with genres like Jazz, pop music, classical and much more.

flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

They also have a generes like game music, very suitable for today's gamers.

But i think it's funny with not only the normal regulars categories. They have for sure made a good job to cover the right genres for you.

If you want a preview on a song that you maybe want to learn, that will be no problem, because they include a function so you can decide if the song is worth your time.

let's not forget that you have the ability to save songs you like. Maybe you found a song you really liked and really want to learn. Of course you will be able to save the song and learn it some other day. This is a really good feature which I really like.

Pros and cons

thumb up and thumb down


+ Includes a large selection of different songs in many different levels.

+ Has a large selection of different categories you can look for songs in.

+ They really motivate you to keep up the learning process, in both a funny and inspirational way.

+ You have the opportunity to choose between different subscription plans at appropriate prices.

+ It's very easy to understand and follow the tutorials.

+ Includes many different features to use when you are in the learning process of a new song.

+ You have the option to use flowkey on different devices, for example on the computer, mobile phone and iPad.

+ If you find a song you like, you can preview it without actually going into the song. You also have the ability to save a song you really liked to later learn how to play it.

CONS - There is no built in metronome.

- If you're a really good piano player and want to expand your piano skills, I'll recommend you seek somewhere else. flowkey is mostly for beginners.

- No option to get a full overlook on the whole sheet music.

Is it worth your money?

Summarized, yes. flowkey is mostly, as are many other piano learning programs directed to beginners. And will be most valuable for beginners. So, if you're a beginner, it will be worth your money.

If you really want to teach yourself piano, flowkey could be very educational instead of a real piano teacher.

I think they are teaching how to play piano in an easy and understandable way. Also, in a funny way that will help you to not give up in your training session.

It's important that it's funny when you are learning something new, otherwise it's easy that you give up on the piano process.

Something I really like is that you can easily connect your MIDI keyboard to flowkey and play along. I also like that you can choose any kind of song you like, that's a freedom you get which is important to have when you are in a learning process.


flowkey - learn piano with the songs you love

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