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Best 61 Key Keyboards In 2021.

Updated: Feb 21

Are you a beginner within piano playing? Or just looking to buy a new 61 key keyboard.

Then you just come to the right place.

We have made a whole article about the best 61 key keyboards that will suit you well. Either as a beginner or a pro, We know that sometimes it can be a bit confusing to make the right decision. That's why we will take a little in depth look in these keyboards. We will cover some suitable information for you.

How to choose the best piano keyboard.

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when you are looking for a keyboard, two of the most important aspects are the key action and sound quality. In this keyboard review we've only covered keyboards with 61 keys, which means that the key action might not be so impressive all the time, though mostly for a pro player.

But the key action provided in these piano keyboards has its purpose to. If you continue reading you probably will hear about ''semi-weighted-keys'' let's say, The semi weighted keys are built in the piano because it will suit the player best with that action in that keyboard, Shortly.

The sound could also be important, actually it is very important. Many beginner 61 key keyboards won't have the highest amount of polyphony. You may start wondering what polyphony is, I'll tell you.

The Polyphony is the maximum amount of notes that a keyboard or sound module can produce at one time. Easy as that.

Everything under 32 polyphony, i wouldn't recommend investing in. But above that up to 256 (which is the highest polyphony rate) is all trustworthy.

This was just two things to consider, and I think it's enough for this review. Anyway let's dive into the review!

1. Alesis recital 61 key piano

Let's start off with the key action, this piano will provide you with 61 semi-weighted keys. Which means that players that don't want or enjoy playing with a maximum of resistance, should buy a keyboard with this resistance.

It's a very beginner friendly action, and will hopefully help you build basic piano technique. In the long term you will have to upgrade to another action if you really want to develop some piano skills.

Comes with basic 10x2 W speakers that will provide the sound you need, if just playing for yourself and maybe some friends and family. Otherwise you might need something more powerful.

Something really impressive is that this little keyboard provides an amount of 128 polyphony. That's not so usual within 61 key pianos. The most part is only about 64. So with 128 polyphony, you could really benefit from It.

Comes with some basic features, three well known modes included: Layer mode, Split mode and duo mode. I really like the split mode, it allows you to split 2 sounds and play them simultaneously. One in the right half and the other in the left half.

Also includes metronome, transposition and touch sensitive. It's really good to have an option to play along with the metronome as a beginner, it will clearly give a better rhythm feeling in the long term.

This piano is for the most part marketed to beginners, it has all the basic features we require to have on a 61 key keyboard. Or, maybe if someone needs a keyboard that they can play ''on the go'', then this keyboard might be something. It only has a weight of approximately 14 lbs (6 kg).

2. Casio CT-S200BK

The Casio CT-S200BK 61-Keys comes with 3 different colors. Black, red and white.

It also comes with 3 different packages which are educational pack, Keyboard only and Premium packages.

With the premium package you get headphones, Stand and version 3 off eMedia piano.

The Casio CT-S200BK is on battery and has made it kinda easy for you to play wherever you want and when you want. With 400 different sounds and 77 rhythms you can really play it the way you want.

There is something called key of response in this keyboard, it means that when you press the same note many times over and over again, the notes will keep the clear sound, even though it's not fully rebound.

Comes with a polyphony rate of 48. That isn't actually that much. As said before I recommend at least 64, but I won't hinder you from buying it if you like it in other aspects.

If you consider investing in a keyboard you can take all over the world, then this keyboard might suit you. It's total weight is only approx 7 lbs (3.3 kg). You can easily fit it anywhere.

If you are a beginner or just want to learn more about piano playing, You have access to the free choordana app which is a good tool for you to learn piano or just expand your knowledge.

3. Yamaha PSR-E463

The third one on the list we have our first Yamaha keyboard, A bit more expensive than the previous. But we will cover why it's still worth it.

We all know Yamaha has a long history of manufacturing many different musical instruments. So we don't need to doubt their sound quality. And especially not with the Yamaha PSR-E463. Anyway, likely as the Casio CT-S200 this keyboard also has a 48 polyphony rate with two 6W speakers that produce a decent sound.

This keyboard also has built in speakers and live ready features. So if you're doing a live gig, this may be something for you. Also has a broad library of sounds and various preset styles, all of 758 different sounds to play around with, and 235 playing styles. For sure, you won't be dissapointed on the soundbank.

Comes with semi weighted keys that will or will not provide the resistance you need. Some people prefer more resistance when pressing down the keys, and others like it when it's an easier touch. It depends much of who you are as a player.

Something that's worth mentioning with this keyboard, is that it's built with something called AWM technology which is a sampling system. I'll explain what it does.

By playing the keys on an acoustic piano, the waveform of the sound changes depending on the playing power from a weak tone to a strong tone.

The AWM dynamic stereo sampling can provide dynamic nuances by recording the samples with different game intensities.

4. Rockjam RJ761

The Rockjam RJ761 is a very popular first time experience piano. You can clearly see that with all these reviews and top ratings.

With the Rockjam RJ761 you will get 61 full size keys that will give you a traditional piano feeling. With full size i do not mean that the keys are weighted, but full size keys are always fun to play with.

Luckily the rockjam allows us to record the playing and later play it back, also called playback function. Could be a very useful function to use if you enjoy listening on your own playing.

Let's see what's included In the superkit package, you will not only get the keyboard, You will also get:

- Sustain pedal

- Headphones

- Keyboard stool

- Keyboard stand

The keyboard also features a touch display panel that shows feedback and engaging with the 200 rhythms. It also has a record and playback function which makes it possible to build layers to the sound. If you have a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) You can just use the midi output to integrate with your DAW and keyboard. I would also put this one on the beginner list as well.


5. M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3

M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 is made for the one who wants to more like produce music rather than just play piano. It's more like a midi keyboard, So if you are looking for a keyboard till your DAW I think this one is going to meet your requirements.

This keyboard has velocity sensitive and semi weighted keys to make the most out of your performance. You can easily connect it to your iOS device and mac or PC and start playing it with your DAW. It also includes a premium software suite.

I would say that the design is very well-thought-out, Because you can easily fit it on any desk in your studio or on stage performance. It doesn't take much place at all. And you can actually choose between 32, 49 and 61 keys on this keyboard. So if, You want it smaller that's no problem.

With 4.4 out of 5 rated it's not so highly rated as the other ones on this list. But I guarantee that it will meet your requirements indeed.


6. Casio CTK3500

Casio CTK-3500 is a portable 61 key keyboard, which allows you to play anywhere and anytime. Either with the included AC adapter or with battery power, it's your choice. They have made this piano very compact so it can fit everywhere with a weight of only 7.5 pounds.

This piano is designed with touch sensitivity keys, actually there are 2 different levels of touch sensitivity in this piano. Just turn on and off with a button. Any way, with this key action, the harder you press the keys the louder it will sound. It means that the volume is not controlled, which is good because if not playing with touch sensitive keys, it will be harder to get a sense of how the melody goes.

If you are in the learning process within piano playing, the Casio CTK-3500 could be a very good option for you. It comes with many different educational features for the beginner, with 60 built in songs they can teach you how to play individually with each hand, note reading and much more. They also have a fingering guide that will correct your playing with an inbuilt voice simulated fingering guide. All this shows on the LCD-screen on the piano.

With 400 different built in sounds and 150 rhythms, this piano delivers a big variety of playing styles. It has 50 different styles of EDM that you can create your own music with or remix. Either play for the public with the built in speakers or connect your headphones for quiet playing.

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