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Best 61 Key Keyboards

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Are you a beginner within piano playing? Or just looking to buy a new 61 key keyboard.

Then you just come to the right place.

We have made a whole article about the best 61 key keyboards that will suit you well. Either as a beginner or a pro, We know that sometimes it can be a bit confusing to make the right decision. That's why we will take a little in depth look in these keyboards. We will cover some suitable information for you.

How to choose the best piano keyboard.

We have listed some tips you can use as a starting point when picking the right keyboard for you.

- Sound

- Impact sensitivity

- Unweighted or weighted keys

- Portable or not

1. Alesis melody 61 MKII

The first one on the list we have Alesis melody 61 MKII. If we start with the price, What do we get when paying 119 $?

It includes 61 keys and have access to 300 built in tones so you can choose on a wide range which kind of sound you want play with. Also, we can play along to 40 different play along demos on this on.

Except that the keyboard includes:

- Microphone

- Bench & Stand

- Built In Speakers

I would say that this piano keyboard is for kids starting out to play piano on beginner basis. With that said I don't say that the pro player can't buy it because it is portable, So actually everybody can use it. But with all these features it kinda shows who it is for. So if you are a parent and looking for a 61 key keyboard I would strongly recommend this one.

And let's not forget about the 4.5 out of 5 ratings and over 5000 reviews.

In short this one is trustworthy.


2. Casio CT-S200BK

Casio CT-S200BK 61-Keys comes with 3 different colors. Black, red and white.

It also comes with 3 different package which is Educational Pack, Keyboard only and Premium package.

With the premium package you get headphones, Stand and version 3 off eMedia piano. Check out the link if you want to know more about what the different package includes.

The Casio CT-S200BK is on battery and has made it kinda easy for you to play wherever you want and when you want. With 400 different sounds and 77 rhythms you can really play it the way you want.

If you are a beginner or just want to learn more about piano playing, You have access to the free choordana app witch is a good tool for you to learn piano or just expand you knowledge.

So with that said, Rated 4.6 out of 5 and a couple of hundreds reviews I would say this one also is for the beginner.


3. Yamaha PSR-E463

The third one on the list we have our first Yamaha keyboard, A bit more expensive than the previous. But we will cover why it's still worth it.

We all know Yamaha has a long history about manufacturing every musical instrument. So we don't need to doubt their sound quality. And especially not with the Yamaha PSR-E463.

This keyboard is perfect if you want to play various styles because it includes 758 sounds and 235 rhythms.

This keyboard also has built in speakers and live ready features. So if your doing live gig, this maybe can be something for you.

Not only as a beginner this one is for you, Actually I would say with all these features, Everyone is suitable for this keyboard.

With Yamaha PSR-E463 you can also connect it with midi to your music making software.


4. Rockjam RJ761

For 149 $ you will get a Rockjam RJ761 from one of the best digital piano provider on the market.

You can clearly see that with all these reviews and top ratings.

With the Rockjam RJ761 you will get full size keys that will give you a traditional piano feeling. You can play it with mains or battery which makes it easy for you to play wherever you want.

In the superkit package you will not only get the keyboard, You will also get:

- Sustain pedal

- Headphones

- Keyboard stool

- Keyboard stand

The keyboard also features a touch display panel that shows feedback and engaging with the 200 rhythms. It also has a record and playback function which makes it possible to build layers to the sound. If you have a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) You can just use the midi output to integrate with your DAW and keyboard.

I would also put this one on the beginner list as well.


5. M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3

M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 is made for the one who wants to more like produce music rather than just play piano. It's more like a midi keyboard, So if you are looking for a keyboard till your DAW I think this one are going to meet your requirements.

This keyboard has velocity sensitive and semi weighted keys to make the most out of your performance. You can easily connect it to your iOS device and mac or PC and start playing it with your DAW. It also includes a premium software suite.

I would say that the design is very well-thought-out, Because you can easily fit it on any desk in your studio or on stage performance. It doesn't take much place at all. And you can actually choose between 32, 49 and 61 keys on this keyboard. So if, You want it smaller that's no problem.

With 4.4 out of 5 rated it's not so highly rated as the other ones on this list. But I guarantee that it will meet your requirements indeed.


Casio CTK3500

Casio CTK-3500 is a portable 61 key keyboard, which allows you to play anywhere and anytime. Either with the included AC adapter or with battery power, it's your choice. They have made this piano very compact so it can fit everywhere with a weight of only 7.5 pounds.

This piano is designed with touch sensitivity keys, actually there is 2 different levels of touch sensitivity in this piano. Just turn on and off with a button. Any way, with this key action, the harder you press the keys the louder it will sound. It means that the volume is not controlled, which is good because if not playing with touch sensitive keys, it will be harder to get a sense of how the melody goes.

If you are in the learning process within piano playing, the Casio CTK-3500 could be a very good option for you. It comes with many different educational features for the beginner, with 60 built in songs they can teach you how to play individual with each hand, note reading and much more. They also have a fingering guide that will correct your playing with a inbuilt voice simulated fingering guide. All this shows on the LCD-screen on the piano.

With 400 different built in sounds and 150 rhythms, this piano delivers a big variety of playing styles. It has 50 different styles of EDM that you can create your own music with or remix. Either play for the public with the built in speakers or connect your headphones for quite playing

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